The Listening Body, November 2

The Listening Body encourages a physical understanding of the world. Listening in this way – from the gut, from the feet, toes, and lungs – connects us to the present moment. This act, returning to one’s body, eludes the signals broadcast to us by the analytics and algorithms of a commodity-centered culture. A listening body is one brave enough to shake and shed off the external pressures that ask us to commodify ourselves. These figurative works are attuned to the resonance of a listening body: a body that mourns, celebrates, loves, tickles, and rests.

Teen Angst (or Cielito Lindo) by Eleanor Aldrich
Teen Angst (or Cielito Lindo) – Eleanor Aldrich

Curated by April Bachtel & Margaret Parsons

Participating Artists:

Eleanor Aldrich (
Elliot Jerome Brown Jr.
Wesley Chavis (
Natori Green
Gregory Hatch (
Katarina Riesing (
Jing Qin (

Opening Reception
Friday, November 2nd 6-8pm (Event Info)

Open through November 25th
Contact or to make an appointment.

(Drawing by Margaret Parsons based on of a performance titled “Muah” by Wesley Chavis.)

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