Lean In // Textures of a Female Landscape, December 7

This December, Book Club Gallery welcomes artist Claire Beauchamp’s exhibition “Lean In // Textures of a Female Landscape”

The exhibition opens Friday, December 7th from 6-9 pm and will be on view for the rest of the month by appointment (clairebeauchampart@gmail.com).

“‘Lean In’ contemplates the spirit of the feminine in our changing landscapes. Whether that is the shifting political climate, the landscape of mental and emotional health, or our confused involvement with the borders and boundaries that cut through our lands.

I grew up in a family of middle-American farmers, our connection with the land was a physical one- one I can feel in my own body despite its labeled frailty. The men in my family may hold the deeds to our land, own the system that divided the land in the first place, but women hemmed its edges, recorded its stories, wove the color into its fields. As I stretch into my new role as a New Orleanian, I hope to repurpose this history, but I also find myself unsettled by the strings that tie me to it.”



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